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~ Monday, March 19 ~

Strike That, Reverse It

A story a day. Just one a day. Just one goddamn story a day. It sounds so unbelievably easy, but its probably been one of the harder things I have done in a while. There is only so much creativity that someone would be able to come up with in such a short amount of time. I love to write short stories. I love how they leave you begging for more by the last word, but I have to say that as I have been writing these short stories there have been some that I completely love; ones that I think I would be more than happy to expand on and then others (the most recent ones) that I just hate. I have been trying to squeeze them out just to say I’ve done one a day. I’ve turned into a prompt zombie.

That’s not how I want to write. I don’t want to be known as the girl who just wrote something to write it. If I write, I want to feel like what I’m writing is damn good. My name is on this isn’t it? I don’t want to write you a story that basically is trying to be controversial or trying to be risqué. If I write you a story I want you to feel it, and I want to feel it too. I think it’s been just about a week since I’ve written anything and that’s because I feel like I’m running away from it. Like, I’m forcing it so damn much that its not fun anymore and I think that’s very apparent in my work. I think you’re all seeing that I’m not feeling it. I’m not asking any questions about my characters, I’m not really letting me know who they are. I’m just trying to put words on a page for you and unfortunately they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do.

They’re supposed to move you. They’re supposed to make you feel something other than what you’re feeling right this second. I don’t think writing one story a day is going to get me there. So as of right now, I’m changing everything. One story a week. One story a week will allow me time for edits and revisions. It will allow me time to get to know my work and it will let me bring you something of much better quality. While I do feel like I’m going back on my word I have to ask myself why I’m doing this in the first place. I’m doing it to show myself how creative and wonderful of a writer I can be, not to show you how much I can act like a story machine and produce work that I quite frankly could give a shit less about. I want you all to be proud of what I’m trying to do. I want to bring you emotion and love and drama and pure hatred and violence and innocence and euphoria. But I also want to have time to make that happen. So do I feel like I’ve let myself down? No. In fact I feel like I’ve made a decision that could keep this project going for the rest of the year instead of me shutting it down completely and spending the rest of my life wondering what could have happened if I had just finished what I had started. Isn’t that what life is about? Perseverance? Dedication? Heart?

So let’s try it this way for a while and see what happens. I hope I haven’t disappointed anyone and I really hope you all keep reading. Every ounce of support really means everything to me. I want to do this for you. I need to do this for me.

Thanks everyone :)


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